June 17, 2006

Whoop de doo, darling

After 12 years, Tom and I continue to find each other as exhilarating as Cole Porter's lyrics, Bob Fosse's choreography, and Ann Miller's jazzy tapping.

And after 12 years, we know that love means not only having to say you're sorry (and picking up your socks), but also spending the day indoors at a pool with your three wonderful kids, and possibly not even going out to eat at a restaurant, even when said restaurant is within spitting distance of the pool, because it just happens to be Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals, and why eat out when you can barbecue at home and catch the game. Even if you miss the face-off to stop off on the way home for necessities at Staples and Wal-Mart.

"From This Moment On"
Music and lyrics by Cole Porter

From this moment on, you for me dear,
Only two for tea dear, from this moment on.
From this happy day, no more blue songs,
Only whoop dee doo songs,
From this moment on.
For you've got the love I need so much,
Got the skin I love to touch,
Got the arms to hold me tight,
Got the sweet lips to kiss me goodnight,
From this moment on, you and I, babe,
We'll be ridin' high, babe.
Every care is gone, from this moment on.

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