June 09, 2006

Water, water everywhere...

Several hours after Tom finished cultivating on Wednesday, the rain began to fall. It was so wet by 6 am yesterday that any hope of imminent seeding barely was, well, washed away. But it's high time for the trees and the garden, which were getting parched again. We had a tiny amount of rain earlier in the week, but only enough to cause the weeds to grow. Two days of soaking rain is just what everything already in the ground needed.

We're getting ready for the big swim meet tomorrow. Davy got the bad news the other day that there won't be any events for the under-sixes, and he was quite disappointed. Laura and Daniel, though, are excited because they're each competing in the 25-meter backstroke and 25-meter freestyle events. Davy has rallied and filled his backpack with a couple of Bill Peet books and Matchbox cars. If we're lucky, we should be home by 6 pm. No, I have no idea what's for dinner tomorrow and likely won't care as long as it doesn't involve water in the preparation.

And next Saturday we get to do it all over again, along with the 7:45 a.m. arrival time but minus the volunteering as a timer or marshall, in the little city 40 miles away next Saturday; Davy is especially happy because they're much more civilized to the east and have a special flutterboard event for the junior set. And after the races, if we're all still standing, I'm hoping to take advantage of our proximity to Staples and Zeller's to stock up on copier ink and boys' boxers, respectively.

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