June 09, 2006

Transformation and Shakespeare's Kids

Some random links discovered in the past day or so...

Barbara J. King over at Bookslut, who writes thoughtfully about religion and science, sometimes religion AND science (she's a professor of anthropology at William & Mary, home too to Susan Wise Bauer), has a very good review of Karen Armstrong's latest, The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions, one that makes me realize this is a book to buy not borrow, because of both quality and quantity, or rather, depth. I've been wanting to read it since hearing Armstrong interviewed on the CBC one Sunday the other month. (P.S. For more of Dr. King's reviews and articles, go here.)

Camille at Bookmoot has the news that the University of Texas has unveiled "Shakespeare Kids", a new website to introduce children in grades K to 8 to the Bard. There are links for both parents and teachers, but parents would be wise to skim "their" page quickly, and move on to the much meatier teacher's section.

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