June 13, 2006

I knew them when...

Great good news! Fibbing pal Gregory K. at GottaBook has GottaBookDeal, in part as a result of all the fabulous fibbing the other month that spiralled like a, well, like a Fibonacci sequence. Congratulations, Greg. The kids, who know Greg as "your friend who came up with the idea for the fun poems", are excited at the prospect of coming across the books in the Scholastic flyers we look forward to so much each month.

And more good news -- I'm not telling any secrets that superblogging NYPL librarian Fuse #8 is actually the Elizabeth Bird (and I have in fact been known to address her as Betsy, so there) who was interviewed on NPR about kids' summer reading picks. You can listen to and read about her choices here, under "Elizabeth Bird's Book List". And here's Elizabeth's library's Summer Reading 2006 site.

We move in rarified circles out here on the prairie!

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