June 16, 2006

And we're off, again

Yesterday was our last official day of formal school, though the kids will still be doing math (mostly Math-U-See), and quite a few other things, some at their insistence and suggestion, others at mine. Last summer we took quite a detour through Shakespeare, which everyone loved and which inspired Laura to memorize part of Henry V's "St. Crispin's Day Speech," so it's fun to think of where our academic travels will take us this summer.

Tom drove to Edmonton today for another machinery auction, hoping to snag a secondhand telehandler (no, I don't really know what one is, either, but I'm taking it on faith that we need one); I decided that the kids needed a bit of a quieter day before tomorrow's swim meet, so we're running errands and delivering eggs in town this afternoon and then all hitting the hay early.

Tomorrow we're off to the little city for Swim Meet Number Two, where all three are participating; Davy in one race, Daniel in two, and Laura in four. We have to be there by 8 am, and it's just under an hour away. Since tomorrow is our anniversary, and after nine hours of swim meeting none of us will have any desire to prepare a meal, Tom and I promised the kids dinner out, which means we won't be back on the doorstep until around 9 pm.

And we'll be spending the next day, Father's Day, hoeing those one-thousand-plus trees we planted last month. The rain that's been so helpful for getting the little saplings established has also been a boon to the weeds, which definitely need knocking down. Unless, of course, it rains enough between now and then that hoeing is useless, which is always possible.

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