June 21, 2006

Speaking of fairs...

Melissa at The Lilting House has a great roundup of the current (home) learning fairs, festivals, and carnivals, but my new favorite has to be one post down at Lilting House, Dawn at By Sun and By Candlelight's terrific idea of a Field Day, a veritable "carnival of nature study". Dawn would like to post the Early Summer edition on Thursday, June 29, so please send her your submissions by next Tuesday, June 27; for details and particulars, see the previous link. Looks like lots of fun!

And another reminder: Melissa will be hosting the June 28 edition of the Carnival of Education. Send your submissions to her by 6pm on the evening of June 27 (have a heart though, the woman has five children -- one of whom is only two months old -- and almost as many blogs, so send your entry early if you can!) at her email address, which you can find in her roundup post; Carnival of Education archives are here. Now for some rainy days and long evenings to get all that writing and reading done!

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