June 28, 2006

Don't get your hopes up

but inspired by the recent discoveries of the kildeer and bluebird nests, the peony's blossom, and how darn cute my kids are in the summer, I've been inspired to haul the digital camera out of the sock drawer. Since I know my courage and confidence need bolstering in the face of mod-ren technology, I've enlisted the support of the kids, who think this is all great fun and more than possible (which is more than their mother thinks). So far, Daniel has found some batteries and installed them in the charger. They should be juiced up by the time we return from Swim Club tonight. The actual photography should be easy enough, but the next hurdle will be the downloading or uploading or whatever you call it. Stay tuned, and clap your hands or cross your fingers or hold your breath or whatever you think might help.

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