June 26, 2006

My deal of the week

Possibly of the month. Found at the Loblaws supermarket this afternoon: MGM's The Frank Sinatra Collection of three wonderful movies in nobody-wants-it-but-us-
anymore-video-format, for a grand total of $1.33 each. Even in U.S. dollars that's a steal. It sure beats $10 for a collection of Pink Panther cartoons on DVD; we love PP around here, but only on deeply discounted video.

That's $3.99 total for "Anchors Aweigh" (with Kathryn Grayson, from the kids' favorite Kiss Me Kate! Gene Kelly, too! Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry the Mouse from Tom & Jerry!); "On the Town" (more Gene Kelly! And the Museum of Natural History and Miss Turnstiles and Ann Miller, also from Kiss Me Kate! Not to mention Leonard Bernstein and Comden & Green and Stanley Donen), and "High Society" (Grace Kelly! Celeste Holm! Louis Armstrong! Cole Porter!). I know, I know, "The Philadelphia Story" is better, but if you were going to make a musical version and in the fifties, this is pretty darn good.

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