June 06, 2006

And then there were few

Activities, that is.

Last night was the end-of-year piano recital for Laura and Daniel, and they both did a great job. Not only did they look eminently presentable, but they played beautifully -- and at the very last moment, inspired I think by a friend who preceded her, Laura ditched the music book and played her piece by heart. Surprising a few of us, including her music teacher.

Today is Laura's last lesson until September -- Daniel's was last week -- and where the kids will present teacher with their flowers from the greenhouse and homemade cards.

We skipped Swim Club yesterday afternoon in order to make it to the recital on time, as well as dry, fairly rested, and well fed, so it's a short Swim Club week before Saturday's meet. After swimming tonight, I'll drop the kids off at a friends' house, where a nephew will be babysitting, and she and I will head to her next door neighbor's for the end-of-year homeschool support group meeting. I haven't made it to a lot of these, but thought it would be nice to put in one appearance for the first part of 2006. I'll admit that the promise of the new Usborne catalogue from the local rep is a bit of incentive.

Tomorrow after swimming we have a birthday party (same friends the kids are staying with tonight), and it has been determined, especially after last weekend's activities, that the birthday boy needs cap pistols and a holster. It's also been determined that the nonbirthday kidlets in this house need cap pistols and holsters, which is no doubt why I found "CAP GUNS X 3" added in unauthorized handwriting to my grocery list the other day. This is the Wild West after all. At least the youngest one has multiplication and that pesky "x" figured out. And his spelling was excellent.

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