June 03, 2006

Jen's list has grown and now it's time to vote

Jen Robinson at her Book Page now reports that her nifty list of "Cool Girls from Kid Lit" has grown to (drumroll, please...) 144 girls. For the rest of the list, plus the characters with the most votes, go here. As Jen writes, "I'll give it a few more days, and then put up the combined list, and a list of who seems to be most popular, based on mentions in the comments."

Charlotte and her web have made it to the list, tee hee. As have my spunky old childhood friends Arrietty from The Borrowers, Katie John from the series of the same name by Mary Calhoun, Miriam from Calico Captive, and Penny and Petrova from Noel Streatfeild's Growing Summer and Ballet Shoes (respectively).

Interesting to note that Jen wrote in the comments of the first part of the list, "I am going to start a Cool Boys list sometime soon. It will be interesting to see if that garners the same level of response. I'm guessing that it won't, given, in part, the demographics of kid lit bloggers." True? I may have been a girl, but I'm raising two boys, and much as they love hearing about Laura and Caddie and the others, they definitely respond to strong and spunky boy characters. Put your thinking caps on now, and stay tuned.

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