December 23, 2006

Jo on modern kids, classic poetry

Hop over to Jo at Tricotomania for a post on Accessible Poetry, part of a conversation Jo and I have been having about modern children and classical poetry, in part because her daughter's drama class just had an end of term performance that had included the recitation of the whole of The Lady of Shallot (Jo's link to "a fabulous illustrated edition" from Canadian children's publisher Kids Can Press).

This is a subject I've been considering, and passionate about, for years, long before we began homeschooling or a five-year-old Davy brought last year's Thanksgiving dinner discussion to a screeching halt with an account of Pyramus, Frisbee, and Puck.

I'd like to return to this post when I have some more time, probably after the holidays. And it would be wonderful if one of these days, also in the New Year when she has some free time just lying around waiting to be used, Lissa could share her thoughts on the subject, too. Right now I just wanted to link up to Jo's thoughtful post.

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