December 16, 2006

Digging out

We're in the midst of another snow storm, and we'd be in big trouble if it were any colder; luckily, the temperatures are right below freezing. It started snowing again yesterday, and the wind started yesterday evening, so by 3 pm Laura's voice teacher reluctantly decided to cancel the recital. They'll try again next month. Overnight the snow continued and the winds picked up, so this morning we treated to even higher and more amazing drifts than before. Snow and winds still falling and blowing, respectively, with whiteout conditions. Tom and the kids set out for the corrals with the pickup truck after breakfast to do chores and as expected couldn't go all the way with the truck. They set out on foot, but the drifts are up to Tom's chest so it was quite the quarter-mile walk. Davy had the easiest time, since he's the only one light enough to be able to walk on top of the drifts.

I stayed home, futilely shoveling in front of the house and probably equally futilely making meatballs for tomorrow's 4H Christmas party and potluck dinner, which will probably be canceled (but then I'll have some tasty last-minute meals in the freezer), and listening to An Oscar Peterson Christmas.


Digging out after a three-day snowstorm about 1913: "Standing on the roof of the James Ward home, Milton, North Dakota, Mrs. James Ward, Nellie Ward, James Ward, Hugh Ward"; photograph by John McCarthy from The Library of Congress

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