December 07, 2006


1) The cold snap seems to have snapped and we've enjoyed two days so far, with the promise of a few more to come, of very mild winter weather. Which here means around 32F, a far cry from the 0F to -40F we've had for the past month or so, along with howling winds and bitter wind chills. In fact, not only was it warm enough to do chores without gloves this morning, but the air was beautifully still. And we can even spend enough time outdoors to enjoy all the snow, an early Christmas present considering that we've had quite a few years of snowless Decembers, not to mention "brown (or green) Christmases".

2) I have a working keyboard. I still don't have my new Mac Mini hooked up (the blasted young salesboy neglected to advise that new Mac Minis don't have integral modems even though I told him I'm out in the boonies on dial-up, so now I'm waiting for a new modem to go with the new Mini, keyboard, and mouse), but even in my Luddition figured out that I could hook the new keyboard to the old ailing laptop. Ta-dah.

3) And we're going on a hayride tonight. Yahoo!

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