December 19, 2006

What to get your favorite kidlit character for the holidays

Gregory K. at Gotta Book has a wonderful holiday list brewing, and better than all those "best books of the year" lists one gets as the year winds down: a list of gifts you'd get your favorite kidlit characters.

He starts off the list with
The Pigeon -- a ballpark dog with the works
The Baudelaire children -- a fortunate event
Charlotte -- a thesaurus
Charlie Bucket -- good dental insurance
Harold -- Crayola crayons (a 64 pack, at least)
and there are some more great ideas in the comments (my favorite so far is "The Elements of Style" for Junie B. Jones).

Greg adds, "The interesting thing on my list is how many characters I feel like EVERYONE would know, and how many would also need the name of their book(s) spelled out. OK, maybe that's not 'interesting' but keep it in mind as you leave your comments. Cheap shots are certainly allowed ('I hope the Hardy Boys get a clue,' for example)." Does one really need any more of an invitation?

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