May 12, 2006

The weekend's endeavor

Just had word via a Canadian homeschool sale/swap board advising that the book I was hoping for, Mathematics, a Human Endeavor: A Book for Those Who Think They Don't Like the Subject by Harold R. Jacobs, second edition (1982), is still available for $10 CAN plus shipping from British Columbia; the seller will let me know the cost of shipping on Monday.

Since the current edition (1994 -- the fourth edition is expected out next year) bought new from is $95 CAN, and the next cheapest alternative I can find is the second edition used from the friendly folks at Powell's for $25 US, I'm delighted with the news. Yes, the book would be for me -- and I'm finding I like, understand, and appreciate math better and better the further the New Math recedes -- and not for the kids just yet.

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