May 06, 2006

New grammar blog on the block

Alexandra at Out of Lascaux has a new blog, Ceely's Modern Usage, "A guide to words and practices that are spurious, monstrous, and unfit for usage". The current post, on the difference between US and UK grammar blogs, notes that "Brit blogs often discuss how the language is going to hell in a handbasket, and point out how."

Worth a peek, especially since Alexandra is a collector of 19th century textbooks and uses tidbits from them in her posts. I was most surprised by the admittedly ungrammatical engraving of boating squirrels from Monroe's 3rd Reader of 1884, which seems to have inspired Beatrix Potter's illustration of Squirrel Nutkin and friends on their little twig rafts as "they paddled away over the water to Owl Island to gather nuts."

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