May 11, 2006

Classy Mad Libs: Where I'm From

Writing and Living had a beautiful post yesterday entitled "Where I'm From". I was surprised to find that the idea came from a template a la Mad Libs, but with considerably more lyrical results. It's all inspired by a poem which in turn was used as a class writing assignment. Though the grade level wasn't specified, this is something I'd like my kids to give a whirl, especially since it's something that lends itself well to sitting outside on the deck with a picnic lunch when I just can't keep them corraled at the kitchen table any more.

Where are you from? If you decide to give this a try, post a link to your blog in the comments below so I can read the results, please!

Update: Just occurred to me over lunch that this project is a good pairing with word clouds. If you didn't see them when they were making the rounds several months ago, here's the Farm School version, of where I am now,

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