May 23, 2006

Long weekend report

Tom got the wheat in yesterday, and I got most of the vegetables planted, except for the potatoes, pumpkins, and zucchini, which need more room than my raised bed can afford; they'll go in our garden plot at the corrals, and I also decided that I'd make a "sunflower house" there for the kids to play in. And Tom said that he's going to cultivate the old, large "Baba" (Ukrainian grandmother) garden in our front yard and seed it to grass for a ball diamond, a very popular decision all round.

And we got everything done last night just in time to help with the second-to-last calf, whose mother was struggling a bit, and before the thunder, lighting, and rain rolled in. Always a relief to have the newly-planted seeds tucked in with some showers, which also means the kids and I don't have to water the apple trees this morning before leaving for piano lessons. More relief, especially since after piano lessons we're on to homeschool Gym Day, followed by a quick trip home, a dash back to town for Swim Club, then dinner and, for the kids at least, bed.

I'm relieved to get the main crop for the year in. There's still a bit of barley to go, but we're more than halfway done with the spring seeding. And now for the fun part -- watching everything grow.

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