May 16, 2006

Not only...

was it about 80 degrees Fahrenheit today and sunny (and temps near 90 in tomorrow's forecast), but on our first trip to town today for piano lessons, we saw the first lilacs in bloom, in front of a house near the supermarket. Just last week on a walk to a friend's house, I noticed that the buds were quite purple, but still tightly furled. For me, there's something about the first lilac that's even more exciting than the first robin. And because there's always at least a week between the first blooms in town and the one's in the country, we're filled with a delicious sense of anticipation.

And tonight, while checking the varieties of our two new roses ("John Cabot" and "Alexander Mackenzie", from the very, very hardy Explorer series), Laura heard a partridge drumming away while cranes swooped slowly overhead.

Since we're home almost all day tomorrow and the weekend's rain has soaked in just the right amount, it will be a day for digging in the dirt.

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