May 04, 2006

Fast forward

There probably won't be much blogging here until after the weekend, and I apologize for missing Poetry Friday tomorrow, unless I can sneak something in tonight. Tom decided today that we have to go to leave for Edmonton bright and early in the morning for a used tractor auction, and the kids decided that they would like him to drop off the four of us at the Royal Alberta Museum (formerly the Provincial Museum) for the three or so hours that he'll be looking at machinery. Daniel has also asked if we can go to "that place with the walls full of Lego," by which I think my deprived little country mouse means Toys R Us (which once upon a time when they were very, very young I was able to pass off as a museum, too).

Saturday, Tom and the other board members of the little pioneer museum in town have volunteered themselves and their families to help clean and tidy the displays for its summer opening in two weeks, and after lunch the kids and I are off to the high school for a ceremony honoring local Olympian and cross country skiier Beckie Scott. The kids are slightly more excited about meeting Beckie in person -- her parents have been egg customers of ours for years, and we like to think that the occasional organic omelet on visits home helped her training -- than playing in cleaning the one-room schoolhouse display.

And Sunday we'll be planting the 1,500 small trees (more like twiglets) that arrived for us today as part of the agriculture department's shelterbelt program. I am hoping that a) we get the use of the county's tree planter as promised and in time, and b) the soil isn't too muddy from the week's rain and snow to make good use of the planter. Otherwise we're digging all those holes by hand. In which case there won't be too much blogging early next week either...

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