May 03, 2006

In lieu

of the usual more or less weekly public service announcement advising of the latest installment of the Carnival of Homeschooling, I direct you instead to Ron at Atypical Homeschool's post yesterday on Standing Tall or Copping Out. Andrea's previous entry, posted just before Standing Tall, explains things well for anyone still out of the loop. I also saw that Wisteria points out that over half of the current Carnival appears to be written by HSB bloggers.

I didn't notice that off the bat, but I did take a look at the COH schedule again and saw that the Cates are hosting next week, followed by two weeks of HSB hosts. Doc writes in the comments, "The person who owns the blog scheduled for May 23 maintains a mirror site off HSB, and ... I think [she] can be convinced to host the carnival on her non HSB site." Doc also adds, "I'm hoping that next week, those who announce the carnival can also call for submissions to the second alternative carnival (country fair), to offset the one that will be hosted at HSB on the 16th. I'll even host it." Wonderful offer, Doc, thanks. Put your thinking and writing caps on.

UPDATE: Doc has put things in place already with a call for submissions for a more formalized Country Fair alternative, to be published Wednesdays.

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