April 09, 2006

Where we want to go on our next family field trip

Though we never ever, not even hardly ever, watch TV in the mornings, for some reason it was turned on today and to the channel with the "Good Morning News Show," which of course on a Sunday has cooking and fluff stories. But there was a feature on Valentine Armouries in Calgary. Am I the only one surprised to learn that there are master armourers working five hours from here? They made the armor for the not-so-hot new Beowulf & Grendel movie. And they offer school tours. Since my kids were the ones who, last year in Toronto, dressed up in teeny tiny child-size armor in the Discovery Room at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the Calgary Armouries should be a big hit. Now we just have to get there, though I'd say that meeting master armourers is powerful incentive...

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