April 28, 2006

A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants

Just a quick note, since we're in between birthdays -- my lovely cake with the yellow roses is all gone, and I'm making Daniel's tonight for his big "lucky seven" day tomorrow -- not to mention off to town to run some quick errands and make it home in time for lunch before our semi-annual homeschool facilitator visit; under Alberta's homeschooling legislation, homeschooling families are required to register with a school board (some of which, as ours does, specialize in home education), which then assigns us a facilitator, a certified teacher.

Ours is a former teacher, still certified, and currently home educating father, and doesn't mind at all that we see him only the required twice yearly and don't feel the need to ask him any questions other than, "What time will you be here?" Mr. Smith is coming to check on our efforts and progress since his last visit in the fall, an opportunity all three kids see as unparalleled for a Show & Tell/Let's Put on a Show extravaganza, complete with singing, dancing, poetry recitations, an exhibit of our new pets (snails from the pond in a jar), and, if I overheard correctly, some trick riding on horseback if they can get him outside. If it's like all his other visits, poor Mr. Smith will leave here not knowing what hit him.

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