April 03, 2006

Disgusting and disgusted

From the online edition of today's Calgary Herald:
"A downtown Edmonton school was locked down this morning after a Grade 2 student complained of being sexually assaulted by a stranger in the girl's washroom.

"Police said the girl, a student at Oliver School, was confronted by a man in the washroom. Police have no suspects.

"The girl was on her way out to the playground with friends at about 10:15 a.m. when she decided to make a quick stop out to the bathroom first.

"When she got into the bathroom she found out she wasn't alone," police spokesman Jeff Wuite said. "There was a strange male in one of the stalls in the girl's bathroom. He grabbed her, sexually assaulted her, then left.

"The girl collected herself and managed to get to a teacher," Wuite said. "That is when the teacher called EPS (Edmonton Police Service)."
First thought: I'm glad my kids are safe at home with me. My heart breaks for that poor little girl.

Second thought: There's no reporter's name on the website article, but if I have to spend all day tomorrow on the telephone tracking him or her down to explain that no-one, certainly not a child in Grade 2, "complains" of being sexually assaulted, I will. The correct term, my J-school friend, is "reported". Shouldn't be too hard for a reporter to remember, eh?

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