April 09, 2006

My own private homeschooling country fair...

because this week's official Carnival of Homeschooling (find the archives and location of this week's carnival here) is hosted by a Homeschool Blogger, and some of us aren't linking to HSB for the duration. By the way, here's Doc's round-up of the current crop of carnivals -- homeschooling, unschooling, education, and children's literature.

It was wisteria who got me thinking (no jokes, please). She explained earlier today that she'd be a homeschooling carnival no show this time around, despite having written "this nice piece on reading". So, I thought, why not come up with another outlet for those of us not participating this time around?

Just a reminder that this isn't a proper carnival, just a highly subjective -- that is, chosen by me and me alone -- bunch of links to various homeschool bloggers' posts, none of whom submitted "entries" here. I apologize in advance, because of time constraints (this is a farm and a school, and it is Spring), for not being able to include everyone. If you want to add a post, add it to the comments section. The more the merrier.

UPDATE: A couple of the items below have indeed been submitted. Thanks, Doc and NerdMom!

Wisteria's "nice piece on reading"

Carlotta's road to unschooling

Frankie takes a day off from school

L. at Schola and her family are packing their bags to spend several months in New Zealand, and here and here are the book lists and scope and sequence I've been drooling over

Stephanie's survey of Classical Ed articles

Doc herself has chosen to submit her very timely and practical post on Goal Setting vs. Scheduling, as many of us start to think about and plan for the next school year

And don't miss Doc's handy dandy lists of links for National Baseball Day and World Poetry Day

NerdMom at NerdFamily has submitted her family's spring holiday unit study of...Marshmallow Peeps, with It's a Peep's World. Thanks to the NerdFamily, and don't eat too many Peeps!

A Typical Day with 4 girls and 3 boys and some gorgeous sunflowers

Four Little Birds writes about the late reader

The Happy Homeschooler on Home is Where the Hum Is

Jo on Life With Cancer, Kids, and Crayons

Audrey on Going Solo

Daryl has a newbie alert

TulipGirl's Spring Break

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