April 03, 2006

A brilliant idea

And not because I'm included either, though it is nice -- very nice -- to be asked along for the ride. Audrey has the great good idea today of "Favourite Posts from other Farm Schoolers". Hop on over. Better yet, take the tractor.

I'd say I wish I had thought of it, tee hee, but until recently, I hadn't even discovered Audrey at A Small Corner of Nowhere or Wisteria at Twice Bloomed Wisteria (a new find this past weekend, in fact), both thanks to Frankie's Kitchen Table Learners. Other Farm Schoolers in this morning's round-up are Doc, Mul-berry, and RedNeck Mother.

Farm Schoolers of the world, unite! Or at least have a heck of a good time farming and schooling and writing.

Added later:
Purely by coincidence, was hopping around blogs and found my way back to Angela's blog, Three Plus Two, which I had neglected to bookmark the first time I visited. In her latest post, Angela writes about Farm Babies and also mentions that she's trying to consolidate her blogs and start two new ones, Notes from the Country, mostly about growing things, and Three Plus Two Homeschool, about the day to day school activities.

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