April 25, 2006

Read to me this morning by child number two

from The Happy Birthday Present by Joan Heilbroner, pictures by Mary Chalmers (An I Can Read book):
"Davy," said Peter.

"Do you know what day it is?"

"Yes, I do," said Davy.

"It is today."

"No, silly," said Peter.

"It is Mother's birthday."

"We must tell her!" said Davy.

"She knows," said Peter.

"I am going to get a present for her," said Peter.

"May I come with you?" asked Davy.

"Will you be good?" asked Peter.

"I will," said Davy.

"Come on, then," said Peter.

"Is this [the toy store] where I get my present?" asked Davy.

"No, Davy," said Peter.

"It is not your birthday. It is Mother's birthday. We are going to get a present for her."

"Oh!" said Davy.

"What do you think Mother would like?" asked Peter.

"A dump truck," said Davy.

"Mother does not want a dump truck!" said Peter.

"Roller skates?" asked Davy. ...
And so day two of our birthday bonanza week continues. The celebration began yesterday, with a bit of a party for Daniel, whose birthday is on the weekend, after homeschool Gym Day, always one of the month's highlights for the kids. Daniel treated everyone to some Secret Special chocolate chip cookies (made by adding two spoonfuls of cocoa and one cup of mini M&Ms to the recipe on the back of the bag) and juice, more than welcome after an hour and a half of running, bouncing, and leaping. And Daniel, old soul that he is at almost seven, was able to enjoy some more time around the 11- and 12-year-old boys...

Today is supposed to include a bit of schoolwork, a tadpole safari, lots of sunshine and some gardening (made possible in all this warm, dry weather with the wonderful present of a new hose reel), a few remaining preparations for our all-afternoon homeschool facilitator meeting on Friday afternoon, a cake with chocolate whipped cream, and some surprises...

And many happy returns to Carol Burnett, John James Audubon, Frederic Law Olmstead, Bernard Malamud, and Anita Loos (Happy Birthday indeed!).

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