March 15, 2006

Spring fever: fairies, frogs, and butterflies

Spring fever hasn't hit here yet -- the boys are out sledding as I type, and at the moment as long as I have more daylight (the sun is still shining when I drive Laura to Brownies at 6:30), I don't really need any warmth and green, not just yet -- but in case it has hit hard at your house, here are a few terrific, timely links.

Melissa at Here in the Bonny Glen offers a delectable assortment of fun fairy books, including ones on how to cook for fairies, how to have a fairy tea party, and making fairy houses. As someone who spent most of her childhood visits to the country making dresses for fairies out of hollyhocks (no to mention a longtime believer in the Cottingley fairies, I can't think of anything better than having a fairy tea party on the first warm day. And don't miss Melissa's lovely post on butterflies.

Over at Sunrise Rants, Doc, who is spending spring with lambs and kids on her farm, has a wonderful list of Spring Resources, loaded with those spring perennials, frogs and butterflies, and some nice Easter activities as well as well.

We'll have loads to do when we put away those sleds...

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