March 09, 2006

Magic Tree House author tour

Had an email from the folks at Random House that Mary Pope Osborne, her husband Will Osborne, and sister Natalie Pope Boyce are heading out next week on a Magic Tree House author tour. The first date is next Tuesday, March 14th, in Santa Monica, California. The three wend their way east, finishing up on May 16th in Fairfield, Connecticut.

No dates in Canada, alas. We're big MTH fans in this house, Jack and Annie were some of Laura's first reading companions, helping her to see that she could, in fact, read chapter books. I was a bit misty-eyed when Laura decided a few months ago that she's a bit "too old" for the books now (though not the research guides, not just yet, thank you very much), and passed them along to her brothers.

You can get on the mailing list, too, if you sign up for the Magic Tree House Classroom Club.

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