March 22, 2006

More from the correspondence file

In this evening's in-box:

Becky, I am not going to argue about all of this further because you obviously have your mind made up and that's fine with me. The only thing that I can say is Gena absolutely thinks the death of that child is horrific. We just talked about it last week and she even states something to that effect on her blog (I don't have the time right now to go find it). I know what conversation she had with that journalist and her remarks were TOTALLY taken out of context.

I did not in any sense belittle your choice to boycott or to unsubscribe from my list. But NONE of these people involved in this boycott know Gena personally and that's what I mean by not knowing "ALL the facts."

The Suarezes are my friends and I will stand behind them through this situation because I KNOW them and their family and I also know first-hand what kind of parents they are.

I wish you well .. sincerely, I do.

Sent in reply:

Dear xyz,

As I mentioned previously, I wrote initially only to explain my unsubscription, which seemed the polite course of action given the circumstances. I wrote the second time because, in all honesty, I was quite surprised to receive any more of a response than something along the lines of, "I appreciate your concerns, and while I don't share them, I can see your point. Thanks for letting me know."

I don't want or expect any sort of argument. That we disagree on this subject is obvious by the fact that I felt the need to unsubscribe in the first place.

All best wishes,


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