March 09, 2006

A cozy quiet kind of day

Daniel, next in line for the cold or flu that's making the rounds, has been dozing on the living room sofa for most of the afternoon.

Laura and Davy, having played outside in the snow for a bit, are making sand art at the kitchen table. Dinner is already planned and more or less made -- a client of Tom's gifted us with some "canned" moose, which I just have to heat and serve with mashed potatoes and vegetables, and baked apples for dessert.

I also baked some oatmeal raisin cookies to keep the brownies company, and ordered some new Singapore math books and Explode the Code phonics workbooks for the boys. My favorite source here in Canada for those two things in particular is Academic Distribution Services, which has great prices and wonderful customer service. And if you can wait until April, which I couldn't, you hit their spring sale which usually runs for a few months and entitles you to no GST and/or free shipping, depending on the amount of your order. I was assured our order will go out tomorrow, and there's nothing that makes us happier than a box of books, even the workbook variety. Unless it's a nap and some freshly baked cookies with milk or hot chocolate.

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