March 07, 2006

Cut them out in little stars...

I went to college with Dana Morosini. We weren't close friends or even dorm-mates but acquaintances who would chat while standing in line at the cafeteria, or check on one another's projects at the library carrels. But I knew and liked her well enough to be thrilled when I read about her marriage to Christopher Reeve, and imagined a dazzling theatrical life for the pair, who seemed golden. I used to live not too far from them, in the 70's off Central Park, and would see Reeve out for a run from time to time. "Yes," I'd think, "all is swell."

I awoke this morning to find that all isn't swell at all, and that the final star had fallen for this star-crossed, once golden, couple. I am heartbroken, for their families and especially for their young son, and for the fact that so much misfortune isn't supposed to befall one family.

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