March 26, 2006

Paperwork season

Last night brought another four inches or so of snow, and it's still falling; I feel sorry for the early geese and bluebirds.

So while the kids are out playing with the new unexpected gift, Tom and I are settled down, he in the living room with the TV set to curling, and I at the kitchen table accompanied by CBC radio, to start working on this year's organic farming certification paperwork. I'm hoping that we're done by tonight, so I can photocopy the whole shebang and Tom can mail it off in town tomorrow. Yes, I know I should get back to work, but I'm taking a break without any paper involved.

Between March and April, we (mostly I...) have the organic application; the first quarter of GST receipts, expenses, etc.; and then, ta da, a couple of homeschool paper pile bonanzas -- our second visit of the year from the facilitator, to make sure we're on track with the province's requirements (a joke but the kids and I still have to spend several hours on this when there are so many other more fun and useful things we could be doing), and filling out the homeschool resource expense form. I hate this time of year, and I'm actually pleased when the weather isn't unseasonably springlike, because it's always much easier to concentrate on the nasty but necessary task at hand.

Right about now, for oh so many reasons, I'd be happy to settle for mud season.

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