May 01, 2006

Seven up

Daniel turned seven on Saturday, and the only thing that would have made for a happier day would have been turning 12 instead. He celebrated with siblings, friends, bicycles, ice cream, a trampoline and a SuperSoaker, and later in the day, a spontaneous sleepover at a friend's house after a very enjoyable dinner out with his friend and the rest of his friend's family. We got him back the next day, older, wiser, happier, and much, much sleepier.

Since his return, he's been enjoying his presents, which include a Playmobil forklift from Grandmama and Grandpapa, a new aluminum bat and a couple of balls from Dad, and from the rest of us, the Klutz Lego Crazy Action Contraptions book and kit (which I found around Christmastime and tucked away for just such an occasion); and Running Press's Mega Motors: Heavy Duty Dump Truck/Construct Your Own Motorized Dump Truck kit, found on deep discount last year at BookCloseouts.

All very well received, but the biggest hit has been the lowest-tech: Laura and Davy's offerings of some more Schleich farm animals, and a Schleich cowboy. The new additions have definitely reinvigorated the kids' collection, not to mention their desire to play with it. They were even inspired to tidy up the boys' bedroom for more floor space for the giant farm that grows every day.

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