May 30, 2006


Shannon at Phat Mommy has a terrific idea:
Many people’s eyes glaze over at the mention of homeschooling, as they envision a family of ten living on the homestead and wearing pilgrim-like clothing. Social misfits who’ve never heard the name Harry Potter. But alas, this is not the face of homeschooling that I know. And I often wonder if it’s the world “homeschooling” that freaks people out. ...

How do you think people would react if I said, “Oh, my kids don’t go to school. They’re learning how to think for themselves out in the world. They read and write and research their interests on the internet and at the library. They travel and take field trips and, my gosh, their schedule is just so full of social activities that they simply aren’t able to spend entire days in school! Homeschool? No, we’re not homeschoolers. We’re worldlearners!”
Shannon, count us in, and if you're making T-shirts, put us down for three kiddie sizes and a totebag for me to cart along on our travels and learning adventures.

HT to Melissa at her new blog

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