May 14, 2006

Apples of my eye

While I was folding laundry yesterday, Tom and the kids ran off to town for my Mother's Day present, which I learned late this morning was two eight-foot Haralred apple trees, guaranteed hardy to Zone 2 (that's to -40 Celsius/Fahrenheit for you southerners). They couldn't have come up with a more wonderful gift. Davy wants to know if there will be enough fruit for pies in the fall, though I think if we get a few each for eating out of hand it'll be a success.

We spent a beautiful day outside, the perfect antidote to two rainy days (especially Friday, with thunder, lightning, and hail), here and at Tom's parents' house, and were so tired on arriving home 7 p.m. that we opted for leftovers and an early night instead of the planned Mother's Day feast of grilled steak and shrimp. Which means that the holiday will now last for two days instead of only one. Hurray! Especially since we've been invited for lunch and an afternoon of water pistol fights by some of our favorite homeschooling friends.

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