July 30, 2005

So Long at the Fair

All week long we've either been getting ready for the fair or at the fair, which kicked off on Thursday as usual with the big parade. Today is the last day, culminating with fireworks at 11 pm. Tomorrow we recuperate (the kids and their friends rode the rides at the midway all day yesterday), and Monday we join the volunteers to tidy up the fairgrounds. Tuesday I collapse again, and think about blogging some more about the past few days, which also included a trip to the little city 40 miles away to see the RCMP's Musical Ride.

By the way, I am the mother of the chocolate fudge king -- six-year-old Daniel won first prize in both the kids and adult categories, in the latter beating out women who've been making fudge for 50 years. Hip hip hooray for the Fannie Farmer cookbook, marshmallow fluff, and Daniel's gumption. Oh, and Laura and Davy didn't do too shabbily either, winning several first prizes each too, and numerous seconds and thirds. Details, and some blue ribbon (and if you're Canadian, red ribbon, which is what you get for first prize up here) recipes to follow next week.

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