July 14, 2005

An excellent Farm School lesson...

"An eight-year-old boy who watched his father get pinned beneath a piece of heavy farm equipment climbed behind the wheel of the family pickup truck and drove several kilometres for help.

"Family and neighbours are hailing James Amell and his little sister Neely as heroes for their part in rescuing their dad, Don Amell, a 39-year-old farmer.

"Neely, 7, comforted her dad while James navigated the hilly rural roads for more than an hour in search of a neighbour over the noon hour on July 6." Read the rest here.

This is my favorite part: "Don said having his son help him in the field and showing him the basics of driving last year turned out to be a 'blessing in disguise.' But his parents said they're amazed James managed to travel that far, negotiated the hills of the Big Muddy and didn't get lost."

Kudos to James from another farm family. And what a timely reminder for all farm families to be careful and stay safe this busy growing season.

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