July 17, 2005

Excessively Diverted

I spent the afternoon on our deck with three kittens, a bowl of the first BC cherries, about a dozen dragonflies, a very vocal meadlowlark, a family of western bluebirds, one determined bluebottle fly, and my new "beach book" (never mind the fact that I'm landlocked in Alberta), Jane Austen in Boca by Paula Marantz Cohen, a new interlibrary loan acquisition. No, it doesn't live up to the original, but it's a fun piece of fluff.

Tom and the kids were over at his parents' house all afternoon, to work on one of the tractors with his cousin, a mechanic who is wonderfully generous with his time and expertise on the weekends. And since I had straightened up the house, especially the kitchen where we all seem to live, and changed all the sheets and towels in the morning while Tom and the kids did chores and worked on yet another tractor, I was able to enjoy a relaxing and sunny Sunday afternoon. Especially nice after our long night at a neighbor's wedding celebration, and since the idea popped into my head unbidden that I might want to take a look at a couple of Developmental Math workbooks (particularly multiplication and division) for Laura for fall. And here I thought we were all set with our schedule.

The lazy summer mood will continue this evening with steaks and garlic toast on the barbecue, more lettuce from the garden (we're turning into rabbits here), a tomato/red onion/balsamic vinegar salad, and a nectarine crisp with vanilla ice cream. Then Tom and the kids are off to start swathing (cutting) the alfalfa tonight.

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