July 24, 2005

My husband's love language* is...

...lamb chops, one of my most favorite non-chocolate foods in the world, and which Tom brought home for tonight's dinner. He knows the way to my heart, especially after a horrendous two-day headache (part of it endured through an otherwise fun homeschool Sports Day involving lots of kids, raucous noise, egg and spoon races, and water ballon tossing) and nursing Laura through foreign-object-in-eye for two and a half days, requiring a quick jaunt to the hospital ER in town.

So tonight we'll enjoy grilled lamb chops with grilled vegetables, and oven-roasted potatoes. And rhubarb compote with vanilla ice cream for dessert. After 11 years of marriage, I'm much happier to receive expensive cuts of meat instead of flowers.

*Normally I hate this pop psychobabble twaddle, but somehow the juxtaposition of "lamb chops" with "love language" just tickled me. Blame it on the headache.

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