April 14, 2006

A little something for Poetry Friday...

and for Melissa, on the arrival of new baby girl.

by Eleanor Farjeon

"Come!" cried Helen, eager Helen.
"Time enough," said careful Ann.
But oh, the lilac-buds were swelling
And all the birds had started telling --
"Listen! look!" cried eager Helen,
Pointing where the spring began.
"Well, and what of that," said Ann.
"Something's happening -- oh, let's go!"
"When it happens we shall know."
"Ah, but that's so slow!" cried Helen,
"Come on, come!" cried eager Helen.
"Time enough," said Ann.
"I must go!" "And I will wait. You'll be too soon." "You'll be too late!"
"Who knows?" said Ann. "Come on!" cried Helen,
And ran and ran and ran.

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