April 15, 2006

Happy Easter early

A happy Easter to all.

The kids colored close to four dozen eggs today (yes, we'll be enjoying devilled eggs and egg salad sandwiches for the next while): regular old tablet dyes (from Dudley, similar to the Paas variety in the U.S.); bunnysaurus eggs, as Daniel called them, with a bit of vegetable oil added to half of the tablet dye mixtures, to make a second swirly coat; and the Ukrainian eggs. They all turned out beautifully. At one point, right after the Dudley eggs, the kids discovered the piece of paper towel I had given each one had become rather attractive, so the next half hour was dedicated to more artistic efforts with dye and paper towels, and even with some watercolor paper Laura deigned to share from her own stash.

Then she dug out all of the tissue paper and the copy of Usborne's Things to Make and Do With Paper, so we are now surrounded by masses of gorgeous Easter blossoms (pages 12-13, Tissue Paper Flowers). These have joined the pussy willows we cut the other day and the pink tulips from the supermarket for a very seasonal display on the buffet.

The eggs are now safely in the fridge, the flowers on the kitchen table along with a plate of carrots for the Easter Bunny. The kids are ready to burst with excitement over the surprise they've been planning for the past few weeks and hiding in Laura's room. And I'm waiting for the sound of steady breathing before filling the plastic eggs for tomorrow's hunt. Tom will distribute them around the yard at about 5:30 am, when he goes out to check the heifers (four are awfully close to calving). Though the kids have promised us that they're sleeping until 9. Unless the lure of the chocolates and jellybeans is just way too strong.

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