December 01, 2007

Keeping warm when it's 24 below...

Playing with matches

Playing with fire

Dangerous and daring

The kids asked all summer if we could make a fire pit; it's been too dry in previous years. Just when things were looking likely, it didn't rain for the entire month of July and temperatures were close to 30C. The grass turned brown and crunchy and fires were out of the question.

Now, with winter's arrival, a fire pit has become a possibility. The kids spent the other day making a pit out of snow in the front yard. Yesterday they spent most of the afternoon and part of the evening outdoors, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows for lunch and dinner. Today they were back at it, determining just how many hot dogs and marshmallows are too many. Tom and I watched out the window tonight, and we could see three little shapes dancing around the flames.

For tomorrow, they're planning to rig up a grill so they can use a cast iron frying pan to cook bacon, sausages, and eggs. Daniel even asked about sleeping outside, but I told him that freezing to death would spoil our Christmas.

And would you believe that their mother still doesn't like to light matches (hurray for barbecue lighters), especially after that one unfortunate incident in Girl Scouts where she dropped a lit match and nearly burned down the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. Fortunately, the kids didn't for any adult assistance, just trotted off with the matches, and food in a metal bowl from the kitchen.

Next week: running with scissors.

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