December 09, 2007

Holiday links and hijinks, and gingerbread

over at Jealous of Gingerbread. Lots of holiday fun, or, as it says on the sidebar,
You've found the holiday hotspot...
Santa's favourite hangout...

Here you'll find all sorts of cool Christmas and holiday fare, from Holiday trivia, to Seasonal "must haves" tons of Christmas crafts, news, links to other seasonal sites and a few extra special goodies and exclusive Jealous of Gingerbread ideas and printables.
No gingerbread here today, though. Yesterday was dark fruitcake and Swedish Christmas bread. Today I'm trying some more of the Swedish bread but with almond flavoring instead of yesterday's cardamom. Though I'll have to make some more of that since one of yesterday's loaves has already disappeared, with big crummy grins from the kiddies.

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