December 11, 2007

Nifty gift-y tags for kids

Patricia at A Little Hut has come up with some delightfully practical, practically delightful gift tags for children who are just learning to print. As she writes in her post,
As a general rule gift tags are small. Sometimes really tiny. This makes it difficult for children, like ours, who are in their first years of writing to write on tags themselves. I made these holiday tags so that the kids can address the gifts to their teachers and friends this year. They are fairly large (1/4 of a letter size sheet of paper) so that they can fit in everything comfortably.
Hop over to the Little Hut to see what they look like -- classy and sweet -- and to download a free PDF for the project. Many thanks, Patricia!

PS If you like this project, you can buy more things from Patricia, an independent graphic designer, online.

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