October 21, 2007

The perils of the rural auction sale

Yesterday morning around 10, Tom and the kids left me at home washing windows to attend a farm sale an hour or so away. Tom had his eye on a smaller tractor, one we could use for rototilling around the shelterbelt trees, that was listed in the auction flyer last week.

Well, when they finally rolled in nine hours later, after an afternoon spent eating cups full of homemade beef-and-barley and chicken noodle soup and countless pieces of pie (one of the benefits of the rural auction sale is the food at the concession stand), the kids reported that Dad didn't get the tractor. They seemed unusually giddy.

"But we got HORSES!"

It turns out Tom was the winning bidder on a 14-year-old gray Paint mare and her gray colt, and the mare is supposedly in foal (stay tuned next Spring), a bargain for $550, even without the baby-to-be. If the kids were giddy last night, it didn't compare to this morning while they were getting ready to hitch up the trailer to go with Tom to bring home the new horses.

Pictures to follow.

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