October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We're heading into town -- kids in costume, of course -- after lunch for music lessons and errands (it seems I have several parcels, with any luck Cybils-related, to collect). And once all the music lessons are done, we're meeting friends for a quick non-sugary supper before the kids head out for trick or treating. I'm holding my breath because the forecast for today, including this evening, is unseasonably warm; daytime highs of around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit, and not below freezing in the evening. Though the kids eagerly agreed with my suggestion to wear longjohns "just in case".

Now all I have to do is to keep my fingers crossed for more M&Ms than Smarties in the treat bags....

* * * *


by Molly Capes

Bolt and bar the front door,
Draw the curtains tight,
Wise folk are in before
Moonrise tonight.

Halloween, Halloween,
Chestnuts to roast,
A gift for the fairy,
A prayer for the ghost.

Who will have their fate told
This night is known,
Whose hand is full of gold,
Who goes alone.

Halloween, Halloween,
Snapdragon blue,
A lover for me
And a fortune for you.

Stars shiver blue and green,
Moon's wide and white;
There tattered clouds between
Witches take flight.

Halloween, Halloween,
Apples a-bob,
Elves at the keyhole
And imps on the hob.

"Twelve" calls the deep bell
To the hollow night;
"Twelve" whisper steeple tops
Far out of sight.

Halloween, Halloween,
Fires burn high,
Who shall say certainly,
Who can tell truthfully
What solemn company
Pass through the sky?

From Ghosts and Goblins: Stories for Halloween, compiled by Wilhelmina Harper and illustrated by William Wiesner, originally published in 1936 with a revised edition in 1965 (and now unfortunately out of print). The acknowledgments page credits The London Evening Standard for the above poem, which would have been writtten prior to 1936.

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