October 30, 2007

Our big squash-o-lantern

On Saturday we had an autumn/early Halloween squash carving party with some friends.

The guest of honor was the 570-pound squash we picked up earlier in the month at the pumpkin festival; here it is getting loaded in our truck for the trip home,

The squash spent most of the month in our shop, and on Saturday morning Tom brought it, on a pallet, with the tractor to our garage, so everyone, including the squash, would stay warm in the rather chilly temperatures.

Tom tried a knife at first, and for the features, it wasn't too bad.

But for the top, where the flesh is six inches thick, Tom decided
that Daniel's small hatchet was better,

It's the Great Squash, Charlie Brown!

Tom transporting the Great Squash to its final resting place,
at the end of our driveway,

Carefully sliding out the pallet,

After the carving, we went indoors to warm up with apple cider, chili, curried pumpkin soup, carrot cake, and goblins' toes,

The view at night, with the help of a trouble light,

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