July 29, 2007

New for dangerous girls and daring boys

New since the beginning of the month ig The Dangerous and Daring Blog for Boys and Girls -- "inspired by The Dangerous Book for Boys and the upcoming The Daring Book for Girls" but "not connected in any way to the authors or publishers of those books". Rather, the new blog is brought to you by The Llama Butchers, who I believe came to my attention through our mutual pal Melissa Wiley.

Labels/categories so far with corresponding posts include

Battles (1)
Build It (1)
Dangerous (10)
Daring (8)
History (4)
Hobby (1)
Outdoors (2)
Rocketry (2)
Science (1)
Stories (1)

Wowie! I believe I know a few children out on the open prairie who might have fun with those two rocketry posts.

Grand fun to bookmark and to add to the Bloglines subscription. Great good thanks to the LBs for the new blog, especially while there's still plenty of summer left for unfettered, dangerous, and daring summer fun.

(I hope to post a fair report toward the end of the week, and do some general bloggy catching up. But tomorrow morning we're off to the fairgrounds again for the day for the big volunteer clean-up.)

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