July 12, 2007

Still in the garden

The raised bed flower garden behind the house, back in May.

Same raised bed flower garden behind the house, in the last week. Columbines at far right, poppies to their left, tall things in the center are monkshood. I'm happiest when the cows and calves stay on their side of the barbed wire fence (in the background, at right).

Same raised bed, last week, but from the other end.

Same raised bed, other side. Large rounded clump at far right is a type of daisy. I hacked back the catmint at the front along the corner, so it wouldn't go to seed and stop blooming.

Closer view of the trellis in the raised bed. Taller blooms at right are cornflowers, and in the middle escaped dill. Big leaves bottom right are hollyhocks. The rest is clematis, sweet pea, and some morning glory, not yet blooming.

The raised bed vegetable garden. From front to back, lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, green beans, scarlet runner beans, scraggly carrots, corn, and more volunteer poppies.

Under the deck in front of the house. The page wire and morning glories were my idea to cover up the hole in the wooden trellis, made by Evel Knievel five-year-old Davy last year who lost control and crashed his bike. Morning glories, which open around 5 am and close up by 2 pm, blue lobelia, purple calibrachoa (the flowers that look like small petunias). Can't remember the name of the tall pink flowers at center, will look at the tag in the pot.

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